ICOP Publications

  • NEW: Fundamental Fairness: A Report on the Due Process Crisis in New York City Immigration Courts (5.10.2011).  ICOP’s updated second report analyzes observations of 414 immigration hearings between October 2009 through November 2010. The report documents the human impact of immigration proceedings, and highlights three elements of the due process crisis faced by immigrants in removal proceedings: (A) detention, (B) problematic courtroom procedures, and (C) inadequate access to competent representation. It concludes with recommendations, and an appendix on how to implement a court observation project.
  • Broken Justice: A Report on the Failures of the Court System for Immigration Detainees in New York City (2007).  Over the 2006-7 academic year, over a hundred law students observed close to 400 immigration hearings at the Varick Street Immigration Courthouse in New York City. Based on these observations, the report identifies several structural problems in immigration adjudication at the Varick Street Courthouse, including insufficient access to counsel, inadequate interpretation/translation services, prolonged detention, separation of families, disregard of procedure, excessive consequences of past convictions, and problematic treatment of mental health issues.

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